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Reply to Sergiu I. Vacaru's "Critical remarks on Finsler modifications of gravity and cosmology by Zhe Chang and Xin Li"
Xin Li, Zhe Chang, 2010.07.22
This is our reply to "Critical remarks on Finslerian modifications of gravity and cosmology by Zhe Chang and Xin Li", Sergiu I. Vacaru, Phys. Lett. B 690 (2010) 224. It is pointed out that the Finslerian modifications of gravity and cosmology (Zhe Chang and Xin Li, Phys. Lett. B 676 (2009) 173; {\it ibid} 668 (2008) 453) is a suggestion on the generalization of Einstein's gravity and cosmology, but not a proof for theorems in geometry. False or true of the theory should be tested by experiments or observations. We show that the arguments of Sergiu I. Vacaru were based a wrong logic. A personal claim can not be used to prove any other theory be wrong. To get the claim: {\it "we may construct more "standard" physical Finsler classical/quantum gravity theories for metric compatible connections like the Cartan d-connection"}, Sergiu I. Vacaru should complete a consistent presentation at least. We suggest Sergiu I. Vacaru to make some predictions on gravity and cosmoligy using his {\it "standard" physical Finsler classical/quantum gravity theories} as we did, and compare them with astronomical observations. By the way, we should say that it is still really far from a theory of quantum gravity.
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