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The Sasaki-Ricci flow and compact Sasakian manifolds of positive transverse holomorphic bisectional curvature
Weiyong He, 2011.03.30
We show that Perelman's W-functional can be generalized to Sasaki-Ricci flow. When the basic first Chern class is positive, we prove a uniform bound on the scalar curvature, the diameter and a uniform $C^1$ bound for the transverse Ricci potential along the Sasaki-Ricci flow, which generalizes Perelman's results Kahler-Ricci flow to the Sasakian setting. We also show that the positivity of transverse of holomorphic bisectional curvature is preserved along the flow, using the methods and the results proved by Bando and Mok in Kahler setting. In particular, we show that the Sasaki-Ricci flow would converge to a Sasaki-Ricci soliton if the initial metric has nonnegative transverse holomorphic bisectional curvature.
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