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Some results on Ricci-Bourguignon and Ricci-Bourguignon almost solitons
Shubham Dwivedi, 2018.09.28
We prove some results for the solitons of the Ricci-Bourguignon flow, generalizing corresponding results for Ricci solitons. Taking motivation from Ricci almost solitons, we then introduce the notion of Ricci-Bourguignon $almost$ solitons and prove some results about them which generalize previous results for Ricci almost solitons. We also derive integral formulas for compact gradient Ricci-Bourguignon solitons and compact gradient Ricci-Bourguignon almost solitons. Finally, using the integral formula we show that a compact gradient Ricci-Bourguignon almost soliton is isometric to an Euclidean sphere if it has constant scalar curvature or its associated vector field is conformal.
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