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  1. Curvature tensor under the Ricci-Harmonic flow
    Anqiang Zhu, Liang Cheng, 2011.01.06
    arXiv:1101.1144v1 [math.DG, pdf: 6 pages]
  2. Why cigar can not be isometrically immersed into the 3-space
    Li Ma, Anqiang Zhu, 2015.06.02
    arXiv:1506.00764v1 [math.DG, pdf: 4 pages]
  3. Eigenvalues and lambda constants on Riemannian submersions
    Li Ma, Anqiang Zhu, 2007.06.14
    arXiv:0706.2028v2 [math.DG, pdf: 9 pages]
  4. On a length preserving curve flow
    Li Ma, Anqiang Zhu, 2008.11.13
    arXiv:0811.2083v1 [math.DG, pdf: 16 pages]
  5. Nonsingular Ricci flow on a noncompact manifold in dimension three
    Li Ma, Anqiang Zhu, 2008.06.28
    arXiv:0806.4672v1 [math.DG, pdf: 6 pages]
  6. Injectivity radius bound of Ricci flow with positive Ricci curvature and applications
    Li Ma, Anqiang Zhu, 2011.10.05
    arXiv:1110.1001v2 [math.DG, pdf: 6 pages]
  7. Liouville theorem for warped ancient Ricci solutions
    Li Ma, Anqiang Zhu, 2015.09.28
    arXiv:1509.08330v2 [math.DG, pdf: 5 pages]
  8. Yamabe flow and ADM Mass on asymptotically flat manifolds
    Liang Cheng, Anqiang Zhu, 2011.09.12
    arXiv:1109.2443v3 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  9. On the Perelman's reduced entropy and Ricci flat manifolds with maximal volume growth
    Liang Cheng, Anqiang Zhu, 2011.11.17
    arXiv:1111.4013v2 [math.DG, pdf: 9 pages]
  10. On the weighted forward reduced Entropy of Ricci flow
    Liang Cheng, Anqiang Zhu, 2010.11.02
    arXiv:1011.0504v3 [math.DG, pdf: 10 pages]
search results for: "Anqiang Zhu"
1~10 of 10 total.