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  1. Quasi-hyperbolic planes in hyperbolic groups
    Mario Bonk, Bruce Kleiner, 2003.01.23
    arXiv:math/0301267v1 [math.GR, pdf: ]
  2. Differentiable structures on metric measure spaces: A Primer
    Bruce Kleiner, John Mackay, 2011.08.05
    arXiv:1108.1324v1 [math.MG, pdf: 23 pages]
  3. Rigidity of invariant convex sets in symmetric spaces
    arXiv:math/0412123v1 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  4. Induced quasi-actions: a remark
    arXiv:0801.3093v1 [math.GR, pdf: ]
  5. PI spaces with analytic dimension 1 and arbitrary topological dimension
    arXiv:1504.06646v1 [math.MG, pdf: ]
  6. Hyperbolic groups with 1-dimensional boundary
    arXiv:math/9806059v1 [math.GR, pdf: ]
  7. The geodesic flow of a nonpositively curved graph manifold
    arXiv:math/9911170v1 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  8. Rigidity for Quasi-Mobius group actions
    Mario Bonk, Bruce Kleiner, 2000.06.19
    arXiv:math/0006137v2 [math.MG, pdf: ]
  9. Quasisymmetric parametrizations of two-dimensional metric spheres
    Mario Bonk, Bruce Kleiner, 2001.07.24
    arXiv:math/0107171v1 [math.MG, pdf: ]
  10. Singularity structure in mean curvature flow of mean convex sets
    arXiv:math/0310242v1 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  11. Characterization of the Radon-Nikodym Property in terms of inverse limits
    arXiv:0706.3389v3 [math.FA, pdf: ]
  12. The asymptotic geometry of right-angled Artin groups, I
    arXiv:0708.1937v1 [math.GR, pdf: ]
  13. A new proof of Gromov's theorem on groups of polynomial growth
    Bruce Kleiner, 2007.10.25
    arXiv:0710.4593v4 [math.GR, pdf: ]
  14. Quasiflats in CAT(0) complexes
    arXiv:0804.2619v2 [math.GR, pdf: ] Geom. Topol. 12 (2008) 1653-1699
  15. Combinatorial modulus, the Combinatorial Loewner Property, and Coxeter groups
    arXiv:1002.1991v2 [math.GR, pdf: ]
  16. Locally Collapsed 3-Manifolds
    Bruce Kleiner, John Lott, 2010.05.27
    arXiv:1005.5106v3 [math.DG, pdf: Final version]
  17. On Brendle's estimate for the inscribed radius under mean curvature flow
    arXiv:1309.3231v1 [math.DG, pdf: 4 pages]
  18. Conformal dimension and Gromov hyperbolic groups with 2-sphere boundary
    Mario Bonk, Bruce Kleiner, 2002.08.19
    arXiv:math/0208135v3 [math.GR, pdf: Published by Geometry and Topology at] Geom. Topol. 9 (2005) 219-246
  19. Differentiability of Lipschitz maps from metric measure spaces to Banach spaces with the Radon Nikodym property
    arXiv:0808.3249v1 [math.MG, pdf: ]
  20. Metric differentiation, monotonicity and maps to L^1
    arXiv:0907.3295v2 [math.MG, pdf: Added a missing condition to Definition 5.3. Also made a number of minor corrections, and added a reference to a paper by Lee-Raghavendra]
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