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  1. Algebraic Ricci solitons of four-dimensional pseudo-Riemannian generalized symmetric spaces
    Wafaa Batat, Kensuke Onda, 2011.12.25
    arXiv:1112.5778v1 [math.DG, pdf: 16 pages]
  2. Ricci Flow on 3-dimensional Lie groups and 4-dimensional Ricci-flat manifolds
    Kensuke Onda, 2009.06.05
    arXiv:0906.1035v2 [math.DG, pdf: 25 pages]
  3. Nilsolitons of H-type in the Lorentzian setting
    arXiv:1205.6109v2 [math.DG, pdf: 14 pages]
  4. Examples of algebraic Ricci solitons in the Pseudo-Riemannian case
    Kensuke Onda, 2011.12.02
    arXiv:1112.0424v3 [math.DG, pdf: 18 pages]
  5. Lorentz Ricci solitons on 3-dimensional Lie groups
    Kensuke Onda, 2009.06.01
    arXiv:0906.0086v2 [math.DG, pdf: 11 pages, add Section 5, in which we prove that E(1,1) has Lorentz Ricci solitons]
  6. Algebraic Ricci Solitons of three-dimensional Lorentzian Lie groups
    Wafaa Batat, Kensuke Onda, 2011.12.12
    arXiv:1112.2455v2 [math.DG, pdf: 30 pages]
  7. Moving frames on the twistor space of self-dual positive Einstein 4-manifolds
    arXiv:0805.1956v1 [math.DG, pdf: 21 pages]
  8. On the moduli spaces of left-invariant pseudo-Riemannian metrics on Lie groups
    arXiv:1509.08336v1 [math.DG, pdf: 16 pages]
  9. Initial Experiments on Learning-Based Randomized Bin-Picking Allowing Finger Contact with Neighboring Objects
    arXiv:1607.02867v1 [cs.RO, pdf: To appear in the proceedings of IEEE Int. Conf. on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), 2016]
  10. Iterative Visual Recognition for Learning Based Randomized Bin-Picking
    arXiv:1608.00334v1 [cs.RO, pdf: International Symposium on Experimental Robotics 2016]
search results for: "Kensuke Onda"
1~10 of 12 total.