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  1. K-theory for generalized Lamplighter groups
    Xin Li, 2018.03.11
    arXiv:1803.03936v1 [math.KT, pdf: 6 pages]
  2. Erratum to "C*-algebras associated with integral domains and crossed products by actions on adele spaces" by J. Cuntz and X. Li
    Joachim Cuntz, Xin Li, 2012.09.16
    arXiv:1209.3486v1 [math.OA, pdf: 3 pages]
  3. Semigroup C*-algebras
    Xin Li, 2017.07.19
    arXiv:1707.05940v1 [math.OA, pdf: to appear as a chapter in the Book "K-Theory for Group C*-Algebras and Semigroup C*-Algebras" jointly authored with Joachim Cuntz, Siegfried Echterhoff and Guoliang Yu]
  4. Constructing Cartan subalgebras in classifiable stably finite C*-algebras
    Xin Li, 2018.02.04
    arXiv:1802.01190v2 [math.OA, pdf: 29 pages; updated and improved version; Sections 5 and 8 are new]
  5. Ring C*-algebras
    Xin Li, 2009.05.29
    arXiv:0905.4861v1 [math.OA, pdf: 41 pages]
  6. C*-algebras associated with integral domains and crossed products by actions on adele spaces
    Joachim Cuntz, Xin Li, 2009.06.26
    arXiv:0906.4903v1 [math.OA, pdf: 38 pages]
  7. K-theory for ring C*-algebras attached to function fields with only one infinite place
    Xin Li, 2011.04.06
    arXiv:1104.1058v1 [math.OA, pdf: 27 pages]
  8. On K-theoretic invariants of semigroup C*-algebras attached to number fields
    Xin Li, 2012.12.13
    arXiv:1212.3199v1 [math.OA, pdf: 24 pages]
  9. A new approach to recent constructions of C*-algebras from modular index theory
    Xin Li, 2014.08.18
    arXiv:1408.4059v1 [math.OA, pdf: 22 pages]
  10. A class of generalized positive linear maps on matrix algebras
    Xin Li, Wei Wu, 2017.04.05
    arXiv:1704.01288v1 [math.OA, pdf: ] Linear Algebra Appl., 2013, 439
  11. Maximal lexicographic spectra and ranks for states with fixed uniform margins
    Xin Li, 2018.01.03
    arXiv:1801.00986v1 [math.RT, pdf: 12pages]
  12. Reply to Sergiu I. Vacaru's "Critical remarks on Finsler modifications of gravity and cosmology by Zhe Chang and Xin Li"
    Xin Li, Zhe Chang, 2010.07.22
    arXiv:1007.3820v1 [gr-qc, pdf: ]
  13. A maximum principle for free boundary minimal varieties of arbitrary codimension
    Martin Li, Xin Zhou, 2017.08.16
    arXiv:1708.05001v1 [math.DG, pdf: 10 pages, 2 figures]
  14. A conjecture on equitable vertex arboricity of graphs
    Xin Zhang, Jian-Liang Wu, 2012.11.21
    arXiv:1211.4998v1 [math.CO, pdf: ]
  15. Equitable vertex arboricity of planar graphs
    Xin Zhang, 2014.03.12
    arXiv:1403.2810v1 [math.CO, pdf: ]
  16. Quantum resonance scheme to determine the gravitational constant G
    Zhiping Li, Xin Li, 2011.11.29
    arXiv:1111.6941v3 [physics.gen-ph, pdf: 6 pages]
  17. A matter dominated navigation Universe in accordance with the Type Ia supernova data
    Xin Li, Zhe Chang, Minghua Li, 2009.12.31
    arXiv:1001.0066v2 [gr-qc, pdf: ]
  18. Some new formulas for Appell series over finite fields
    Long Li, Xin Li, Rui Mao, 2017.01.03
    arXiv:1701.02674v1 [math.NT, pdf: ]
  19. Towards a CPT Invariant Quantum Field Theory on Elliptic de Sitter Space
    Zhe. Chang, Xin. Li, 2007.01.09
    arXiv:hep-th/0701068v2 [hep-th, pdf: 16 pages, some references have been added, the structure of paper have been revised, accepted for publication in Int. J. Mod. Phys. A] Int.J.Mod.Phys.A23:1821-1838,2008
  20. Toward a Gravitation Theory in Berwald--Finsler Space
    Xin Li, Zhe Chang, 2007.11.13
    arXiv:0711.1934v1 [gr-qc, pdf: 15 pages]
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