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  1. The Chern-Ricci flow on smooth minimal models of general type
    Matthew Gill, 2013.06.29
    arXiv:1307.0066v1 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  2. On homogeneous Ricci solitons
    arXiv:1210.3656v1 [math.DG, pdf: 18 pages, one figure]
  3. Eigenvalues and entropies under the harmonic-Ricci flow
    Yi Li, 2010.11.08
    arXiv:1011.1697v2 [math.DG, pdf: 37 pages; final version to appear in Pacific J. Math] Pacific J. Math. 267 (2014) 141-184
  4. Some new gradient estimates for two nonlinear parabolic equations under Ricci flow
    Wen Wang, Hui Zhou, 2017.01.06
    arXiv:1701.01651v1 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  5. On the Conditions to Extend Ricci Flow
    Bing Wang, 2007.04.23
    arXiv:0704.3018v2 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  6. Mean Curvature Driven Ricci Flow
    Victor Tapia, 2009.03.11
    arXiv:0903.2031v1 [math-ph, pdf: ]
  7. Uniqueness of Conformal Ricci Flow using Energy Methods
    Thomas Bell, 2013.01.22
    arXiv:1301.5052v1 [math.DG, pdf: ] Pacific J. Math. 286 (2017) 277-290
  8. Conformal Ricci flow on asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds
    Peng Lu, Jie Qing, Yu Zheng, 2018.01.11
    arXiv:1801.03869v1 [math.DG, pdf: 19 pages. No figure]
  9. Convergence of combinatorial Ricci flows on tori to degenerated circle patterns
    Asuka Takatsu, 2018.06.15
    arXiv:1806.05812v1 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  10. Pseudolocality of Ricci Flow under Integral Bound of Curvature
    Yuanqi Wang, 2009.03.17
    arXiv:0903.2913v4 [math.DG, pdf: Some change on arrangement]
  11. Finite time extinction of the Kahler-Ricci flow
    Jian Song, 2009.05.07
    arXiv:0905.0939v1 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  12. The Kahler-Ricci flow through singularities
    Jian Song, Gang Tian, 2009.09.26
    arXiv:0909.4898v1 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  13. Hyperbolic Kahler-Ricci Flow
    Xu Chao, 2009.12.26
    arXiv:0912.5019v1 [math.DG, pdf: 19 pages]
  14. Eigenvalues under the backward Ricci flow on locally homogeneous closed 3-manifolds
    Songbo Hou, 2016.02.25
    arXiv:1602.07824v1 [math.DG, pdf: 20 pages]
  15. Ricci Flow Emerging from Rotationally Symmetric Degenerate Neckpinches
    Timothy Carson, 2014.11.13
    arXiv:1411.3714v2 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  16. Long time existence and bounded scalar curvature in the Ricci-harmonic flow
    Yi Li, 2015.10.20
    arXiv:1510.05788v2 [math.DG, pdf: 24 pages]
  17. On the stability of harmonic maps under the homogeneous Ricci flow
    arXiv:1701.05396v2 [math.DG, pdf: ]
  18. Smooth approximation of the modified conical Kähler-Ricci flow
    Ryosuke Takahashi, 2017.04.06
    arXiv:1704.01879v2 [math.DG, pdf: 24 pages, typos are fixed, Section 1, Theorem 1.1 and References are updated]
  19. Relative volume comparison of Ricci Flow and its applications
    Gang Tian, Zhenlei Zhang, 2018.02.26
    arXiv:1802.09506v2 [math.DG, pdf: 28 pages; minor change in the proof of Lemma 3.1]
  20. Recent Progress on Ricci Solitons
    Huai-Dong Cao, 2009.08.14
    arXiv:0908.2006v1 [math.DG, pdf: 32 pages; to appear in Proceedings of International Conference on Geometric Analysis (Taipei, July 2007)] Recent advances in geometric analysis, Adv. Lect. Math. (ALM), 11 (2009), 1-38.
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